Elaine Knipe

  1. When did your running career start? I have been running for 2 years in June. I used to run track when I was in school, however, as a young adult I would run here and there but not on a regular basis. So, I am happy that I have regained my love for running again.

  2. Did you have a goal set in place, like to lose weight or get more physical? When I started to run I had in mind both weight loss and wanting to become in better shape. Being that I was 155 lbs, I knew that becoming active was definitely going to be the key role in my new journey.

  3. Have you had a bad experience(s) running? If so, what brought you back? I haven't yet experienced anything really that was so negative that it made my love for running diminish, have had negative feelings of how my training has or hasn't been.

  4. What is your favorite thing(s) to eat before a race? I like to get up super early and eat immediately and it will consist of small oatmeal and a banana.

  5. Do you follow a running plan? Yes, I have a training plan that has been written up for me, especially for marathons.

  6. Which race have you a great/fun time at and why? The race that I had an unforgettable time was at Cascade Lakes Relay. I loved the up at at it for 30-something hours with your teammates that are awesome people and just running at different times of day and night in the beautiful central Oregon area, in the hot summer weather.

  7. What motivates you? What motivates me is finding new ways to challenge myself, getting out of my comfort zone, and just going for it. Even if I fail, I still tried! Also, people motivate me, observing their determination and motivation to improve their health or their desire to improve and/or overcome their obstacles. That motivates me!

  8. Where is your favorite destination run, or the one you want to go to? One of the races I really want to go to is the Boston Marathon, so I am hopeful in the years to come that I am able to.

  9. What is your favorite quote? Actually, I have two favorite quotes. One is by the great Walt Disney, "It's kind of fun to do the Impossible." And my second quote is by the great Michael Jordan, "I can accept failure. Everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying."