Heidi Cardoza

  1. When did your running career start? First 5K was July 2011

  2. Did you have a goal set in place, like to lose weight or get more physical? My journey started out with a weight loss challenge. And I ended up winning it!

  3. Have you had a bad experience(s) running? If so, what brought you back? Because of starting so late in life and being still considered a "newbie," I have not had any big set backs.

  4. What is your favorite thing(s) to eat before a race? It changes, honestly. Sometimes it's healthier, like English muffin and peanut butter, and sometimes I eat a donut or a Pop Tart! But typically it always includes a banana and coffee.

  5. Do you follow a running plan? My first marathon I used the Hal Higdon Training Plan. For my 50 miler I used a training plan from UltraLadies.com. Now because I run so often, I don't do anything official. Some cross training and running keeps me ready for the next race. :-)

  6. Which race have you a great/fun time at and why? Every Single One!!!

  7. What motivates you? Pushing my limits and learning what I'm made of!

  8. Where is your favorite destination run, or the one you want to go to? I've always thought doing the Goofy Challenge at Disney World would be so much fun.

  9. What is your favorite quote? She Ain't Got No Quit!