Keeley Kenne Linn

  1. When did your running career start? My mom tells me I ran as soon as I could walk.

  2. Did you have a goal set in place, like to lose weight or get more physical? Gotta run.

  3. Have you had a bad experience(s) running? If so, what brought you back? Over the years, I have had running injuries. I had good support to get me back: my osteopathic physician, massage therapy, yoga, strengthening exercises, and family support.

  4. What is your favorite thing(s) to eat before a race? Anything with protein, carbohydrates, and veggies, followed by a chocolately dessert.

  5. Do you follow a running plan? Over the years, I have followed a combination of running programs: Galloway, Higdon, Daniel's, Pfitzinger, Hanson Method. As I have gotten older, I tend to follow Run Less/Run Faster plan: long run, tempo run, speedwork.

  6. Which race have you a great/fun time at and why? My next race. Each race is a unique and wonderful experience. I always have something to look forward to whether it is the course, scenery, medal, post race food & festivities, visiting running friends, or seeing local sights.

  7. What motivates you? I love getting outside and moving.

  8. Where is your favorite destination run, or the one you want to go to? I would like to complete the World Major Marathons. I have London and Tokyo left to run.

  9. What is your favorite quote? Enjoy the journey! Keep moving and keep laughing!